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  •   Networking , Communication & IT Infrastructure: -

      The following are areas of specialisation on which we have proven and tested expertise.

  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wide Area Networking
    • Line of Sight Survey
    • Microwave Radio Installation
    • VPN Networks
  • Installation of Towers & Shelters


  • Access Control: -

We install integrated access control of varying degree of complexity. A variety of access methods are available: Such as keypad with codelock/PIN numbers, Magnetic Cards, Smartcards (proximity and contact) or biometric (e.g. Thumbprint). These access methods may be used on doors, turnstiles or barriers (single or multiple) to regulate/control movement.


  • E- Card Platform: -

This is a full range of smart card and ID technology services. We cover cards supplies, card personalization, card printers, ID systems software and support services utilizing state of the art technology.


  • IT Consultancy: -

This includes Project appraisal and evaluation, IT specifications, Evaluation of IT Bid, Selection of Suppliers and Project Monitoring.


  • System Integration

We automate and interface heterogeneous technologies for the over-all benefit of organisations.


  • Maintenance & Repairs

 We carry out ordinary (no part replacement) and comprehensive (includes parts replacement) maintenance services for our clients.  Agreements are signed and renewable periodically.

Our technical team works continuously on product research and development towards fulfilling the objective of serving our esteemed clients better.

Comits is an acronym for  COMmunication and Information Technology  Services. Comits is a limited liability company (RC. 402020) established for the provision of communication and information technology services. We commenced operations in April 2003.